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Following up on ‘Discipleship’- an encouragement for you girls!<3

helloooooo sophia!

i realised that everytime we (or rather pearl and eunice) make an attempt to revive this tumblr it just dies of again after some time *laughs awkwardly* so this time I SHALL TAKE THE INITIATIVE AND TRY IT WITHOUT THEIR PROMPTING MUAHAHAHA.\o/

and also because this is something too long to be typed out on whatsapp:x

buuuuut anyway!

yes this is a post related to the sermon that was just over-the one on discipleship by peixuan!

we all know that DI is focusing on evangelism for this quarter of the year, and i believe that this sermon, in one way or another, has given us new inspirations, ideas, thoughts, insights and so on about how we should go about it. 

unhappily, common tests started on monday *sob* and everyone’s got their heads in the clouds…….of things we need to study and know. and even for myself, i was studying for my geog paper (DEVELOPMENT AND GLOBAL SHIFT AND TOURISM RAAAAAAAAAARRRRR) and somewhat pushed this whole sermon to the back of my mind:(

thankfully, our God is a very very very x more than infinite GOOD God! and through a conversation with my friend on the way home today, He gave me a very timely and encouraging reminder which i’d like to share with you girls!:>

so after my papers today i was waiting for the train home, and when i boarded it i just wanted to plug in my music and sleep till i reach bishan (oops) but my classmate (and helpful class secretary, who is also a believer) B popped out from nowhere and sat next to me. so we just said hi and the very next thing she said was, “C [another classmate whose identity i better protect in case of anything] just converted at 12[pm].”

at first i couldn’t believe and wasn’t sure of what i just heard, so i went like, “..huh??”

and she repeated the same thing to me. and confirmed that he indeed said the sinner’s prayer with the help of B. C really turned to Christ! 

ok some background knowledge on this friend, he’s normally a cold-looking/feeling guy who doesn’t really talk much till you talk to him more and apparently he is a very..interesting/unique person (i sit near him so i know haha) so i really didn’t expect him to be one who would decide to give his life to God.(lesson learnt, never judge a book by its cover, talk to anyone and everyone about God!:D)

i got very curious about how it all happened so B told me all about it.(and more)

because B is quite close to C so she and another recently converted friend G have been talking to C about Christianity for some time, in spite of how C’s family is quite pro-taoist, with C’s grandparents both being taoist mediums or something along those lines. C actually once shared with B that when he was much younger, his Christian uncle (unlike the rest of the taoist family members) gave C a necklace with a cross on it, and that instant he took the cross he felt this unknown guilt in him. but because C’s parents objected to anything non-taoist, he had no choice but to return the necklace to his uncle, and in that instant he handed it back, he felt even more of this unknown guilt in his heart. he never really got a chance to find out why he felt that way…and B also told me that C has already (somehow, without the knowledge of his parents) read through the entire bible once prior to his conversion today. but with his conversion now, i believe he will finally understand why he felt that guilt-guilt that Christ took his sin and shame, and guilt of ‘chasing God out’ when he returned the cross. and i also believe that the thick collection of stories and poetry and prophecy etc he once read, would bring so much more meaning and life into him now. thank God for allowing another soul who was in a situation so hard to reach, be saved!

B also shared that today (before the conversion, before our chinese paper) was the first time that C prayed to God, and he prayed about the chinese paper because he always had difficulty finishing for the past 4 years, and true enough, today was his first time finishing a whole paper. all glory to God! perhaps this was also God’s way of sparking off the conversion by showing C that He indeed exists and hears our prayers, as long as we have that little bit of faith in Him and not about whether we are Christians or how long we have been Christians. after all, our God is love..not just for the Jews, but for all<3

currently, because of his family background, C cannot attend church, especially when his mum is really really really really strict.(absolutely not kidding) and also cannot own/read/listen to/have any contact with Christian-related things. B gave him her own old bible for his reading (again, to gain new insights. after all the bible reads us when we read it!) and safekeeps it for him. he’s going to attempt listening to audio bible for now so that his mum cannot see the contents on the screen and catch him. other than that, he also keeps anything ‘dangerous to bring home’ in the school locker. he really hopes that he can own his very own bible someday. B and C are both hoping that during the holidays he’ll be able to go out for a few times to attend church and be in the house of God along with other fellow believers.

i was really amazed and touched by this story of my very own classmate, and i’m deeply thankful to God for showing me such a timely reminder that says all about how all things are possible in Him, even if it’s during common test period. all the more we should go all out and be His witnesses, salt and light of the earth!

another amazing thing that both B and i noticed was that our class has an unusually large number of believers (since we’re in a chinese non-christian school and all). out of 31 of us, at least 12 of us are believers which is close enough to half. we started having this crazy dream of bringing the remaining 19 of them to Christ-we may not seal the deal, but why not try pulling them one step closer, just like what C’s uncle did?

this experience really blessed and encouraged me, i hope this story encourages you girls too!



Very tired ahhhhhh.

Hello dear ones,

I’m sure most of us are thinking what this post’s title is saying, we’re just very tired.
Whether we’re studying or working, there comes a time when we just want to throw everything aside and plop (?) into bed. I cannot say that I have not thought that way before because that will be lying and lying is bad, kids. I digress, but you get my point.

Aside from the main point of my post, which is to motivate you girls to persevere during your exams, I would like to raise something else up. I feel that unless we change our view on studying and exams, we will always feel tired. Of course, not just in the physical sense but our mental and spiritual state get greatly affected as well. And i’m not just saying that we should see it positively (like oh, it’s gonna end soon) and make it all fluffy, but we should have an attitude that pursues excellence, for God. I know I am not exactly the best example for studying, but let’s leave that to another time k.

Right now, in my company, i strive to do my best in every piece of work I submit to my boss. I cannot stand submitting something and knowing that it is not my best work, especially when my company knows i go to church. 

If you’re constantly complaining and giving a sloppy attitude, how would your friends/schoolmates/colleagues see you as a person and a Christian?

If you can’t even work hard for worldly tasks, how are you able to handle God’s tasks with excellence?

Remember, it’s not about trying to make Christianity look good,  but it’s about letting the world know God’s goodness.

And with that, I leave you with a famous, but ever so applicable verse:

Matthew 11:28-29 Come to me, all who labor and are heavy laden, and I will give you rest. Take my yoke upon you, and learn from me, for I am gentle and lowly in heart, and you will find rest for your souls.

P.S SLEEP IS FOR THE WEAK. (jkjk eunicee don’t kill me!)

- Ellie (hiakhiak)



victories from God<3 (I)

hey sophia!:) it’s been about a week since cell time…and i guess this whole ‘post your work on tumblr’ job is actually an attempt to revive this place..LOL.(Y) but oh well it’s a nice thing to post our work here too!:)

for our buddy group, we decided that all of us will say something so yeahh though i’m mainly the one posting, rachel and szeyen will get their parts too!:D

and well…encouragements..actually i didn’t really know what to post to encourage you all, but well last week’s cell was on victories, and after today, i decided to share this victory of mine (since we didn’t share specific examples last week) to encourage you!:D

basically this happened just today, like, today, 21/9/2012. i woke up at 5am so that i could reach school at 6.50am to do some running with my teammates before school started..sounds crazy but yeahh we’ve been doing it for quite a few times.. honestly everytime i went i felt real nervous cos the things we do are quite crazy and i always end up as the last few and i’d feel all depressed and inferior and unworthy to be part of the team and everything.:/ but thank God for assuring me that i’d be fine today after i prayed to Him about it last night!:)

so yupp, though i was already tired from sleeping late waking up early, i somewhat dragged myself onto the track..and led by our vb teacher, me, my team captain and one of my juniors started running. basically after 2 rounds for warm up, our task was to jog 200m and then sprint 200m (alternating) for..as much as possible. so the first few rounds went okay, but after a while i started to lose stamina and then the gap between my captain&junior, and me widened…and i felt really terrible cos breathing was tough after all that, and then seeing the distance between me and the two of them was just so demoralizing and i really wanted to just collapse and give up. but just when i thought i wanted to abandon this task, something inside of me just whispered, “you don’t have to be very fast or try to catch up to them. you’re doing fine; just don’t stop, and finish this at your pace.”

right there and then i knew it was the very awesome Holy Spirit encouraging me.<3 otherwise i would have followed my lethargy and pessimistic thoughts and really stopped. eventually i gave up…not on running, but on trying to chase after my teammies, and started on the goal of finishing what i started out. round after round i just followed after my teammates at my own pace…the gap got really big and i was really really drained but that same whisper from the Spirit told me, “if God says you can, you can. press on, just a while more..” so i really did make it to press on. those little whispers from the Spirit gave me so much more courage and strength.<3

after rounds of following behind, i made my final sprint..and finished. thank God so much that i made it! though i finished a while after my captain did, she still clapped for me and said, “yay good job! we’re done!” so yeah i felt thankful and accomplished for achieving this breakthrough, a form of victory for mental strength and faith in God.:DDD <3

i got curious and asked her, “ehh how many rounds did we run ah?” and then, the greatest shock came, because she answered…

"10 rounds. plus 2 for warm up, so 12."

i really couldn’t believe it. 10+2…12? 12 rounds? like 2x6 rounds?


"10 rounds around the track. really. i was counting down every round."

in other words..that was 4.8km in total.

it was already really a great victory to me that i could survive that entire thing without giving up and stopping…i really didn’t expect God to give me an even greater victory that i managed to cover such a great distance (at least to me it’s a great distance..haha) like that when i always felt like 2.4km was a killer. i really never thought that i could have done anything like that.




maybe running doesn’t really apply to all of you but..yeah. i hope that this story of my breakthrough victory encourages you!:D because whatever’s impossible to us..is definitely possible through God. replace running with your own situations and i hope you’ll be blessed!:D

sorry for being so long-winded btw. haha. just realised the amount of space i took up alone is hugeee.

and this… is from rachel!:D

Hello Sophia! :) Delight in God and derive your happiness from Him instead from things of this world. This quote has also encouraged me to continue to seek God first and find peace in Him. So I just want to share this with all of you, especially people who are going to take your end of year exams soon, do not get too stressed and also remember to rest in God :) -Rachel

and she has a picture of a quote for us which i have no idea how to insert here cos i’m noob at tumblr.:( so well catch it in post (II)!:D

haven’t received szeyen’s part yet but we shall be back when it comes so stay tuned!!;D (good way to keep tumblr alive also..HAHAHA.)

love yall!!


(Bernice Liau, Nana, &amp; Amaris)&#8217;s artpiece! :&gt;
Even as most of us prepare for our EOY exams, and also those who are working, let us not forget to seek God! WOOHOO.
"Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you" - 1 Peter 5:7 (NIV)

(Bernice Liau, Nana, & Amaris)’s artpiece! :>

Even as most of us prepare for our EOY exams, and also those who are working, let us not forget to seek God! WOOHOO.

"Cast all your anxiety on him because he cares for you" - 1 Peter 5:7 (NIV)

As it is nearing the year end where exams come and workloads increase,let’s not forget God in our busy-ness but let’s continue to spend time with Him and place Him first!and He will grant us strength through this period!:)so even when we are tired,let’s continue to spend time with Him everyday through our QT!^^jiayou!


I want to remember not just one, but as many as I can, victories God has blessed me with in my life.  :)
&lt;3, eu

I want to remember not just one, but as many as I can, victories God has blessed me with in my life.  :)

<3, eu

Hey Sophia dearies, <3

Hey everybody! Cherie here !
I hope everyone has had a fun week studying and enjoying school!

Because the weather is so unpredictable and I think it’s still hazy, please take good care of yourselves :) keep yourself hydrated! And 马路如虎口 so must be careful okie!

So anyway, No matter how tough school is, do remember God is able to sustain us, trust in Him everyone!

"If God is for us, who can be against us?". Romans 8:31

Esther: a courageous woman

We have completed reading Esther in the month of July, and here are some of our thoughts for Chap 1 - 6:

What do I see in the book of Esther?

  • Amaris & Clarissa: Esther 4:14 ”For if you remain silent at this timerelief and deliverance will arise for the Jews from another place and you and your father’s house will perish. And who knows whether you have not attained royalty for such a time as this?”
  • Elissa & Luk Ching: Mordecai showed determination when he refused to bow down to the King. Similarly, Esther showed determination when she was intent on sacrificing herself for her people. Esther also risked her life by going to the King without being ordered by him. Even so, she did not perish. 
  • Cherie, Sze Yen, Wan Ting: Mordercai did not honor or pay respect to man(i.e. Hamaan). 
  • Nana & Charis: Esther 6:13 - “His advisers and his wife Zeresh said to him, “Since Mordecai, before whom your downfallhas started, is of Jewish origin, you cannot stand against him—you will surely come to ruin!””

What does it mean?

  • Amaris & Clarissa:  God has placed Esther in the palace for a reason.
  • Elissa & Luk Ching: Mordecai was a fatherly figure and a role model to his niece. He positively influenced Esther! God was also gracious and seeing Esther’s determination, He granted her mercy. Her actions pleased God. 
  • Cherie, Sze Yen, Wan Ting: He stood firm in his faith.
  • Nana & Charis: Even Haaman’s family knew that those with the power of God upon them are invincible, because God is invincible.

What does it mean for me?

  • Amaris & : God has a plan for me wherever I am, it’s not a coincidence!
  • Elissa & Luk Ching: We should be good examples for our juniors and peers and inspire them with our actions. Also, we should do what is right, and not what is popular.
  • Cherie, Sze Yen, Wan Ting: What it mean to us is we must not compromise our values.
  • Nana & Charis: I want to be a vessel that God can use to show others how awesome He is.

How do I see God in the account of Esther?

  • Amaris & Clarissa: God has a great plan for everyone to glorify His name, even though He may not be described within the book.
  • Elissa & Luk Ching: God will use you to influence others positively even during your difficult times. In addition, stand up for what God wants and what He believes in, not what the world wants. 
  • Cherie, Sze Yen, Wan Ting: God placed in Mordecai godly values and God placed him in Esther’s life so as to raise her up as godly woman and in turn save the Jews from perishing. God has a plan for us right from the beginning
  • Nana & Charis: He let others see His might through His people (Mordecai)

May Sophia continue to grow in the wisdom of our Lord Jesus, to be true courageous women for the Lord in times such as this - to say “if I perish, I perish” for God’s Kingdom!
“Above all else, guard your heart, for it is the wellspring of life. Proverbs 4:23”

Hey girls! last Saturday we touched upon the topic of beauty! What it truly means, and most of us agree that beauty isn’t just what is on the outside, but that it is inside. However, there is so much more than it being from the inside out!

Remember how we talked about God creating Eve last? Eve was God’s final touch to His creation of the world! He created us beautiful and wonderful, as a reflection of His own heart! Do you truly see how important this is to us? because at the very heart of our womanly being, beauty matters! 

Why does beauty matter, some of u may ask. Quoting from “captivating”, “Beauty speaks. Beauty invites. Beauty nourishes. Beauty comforts. Beauty inspires. Beauty is transcendent.” Think of nature. Nature itself speaks of beauty, doesn’t it? It invites people to share with its splendor. We feel so much better being at a green soft plain with soft wind blowing at our ears. It comforts our hearts to say “everything will be ok”. Similarly, a woman knowing she is beautiful in God at the heart of her being radiates beauty. That all of us girls, regardless of where we are, be it being a student, a CCA president, a government official etc! 

Then let us look at the story of the fall of man. Fallen Eve was given a curse, right? Genesis 3:17 speaks more of just giving birth and marriage. “Fallen Eve was cursed with loneliness, with the urge to control, and with the dominance of men.” (quoted from “Captivating”. we long for meaningful relationships. We feel that need to take control if not everything will fall apart. We hate our vulnerability in the world of “men”, thinking of it as burden. don’t we all? We have to recognize that this is the Fallen Eve image of ourselves. And that only God can fill that need and longing we desire. God didn’t curse fallen Eve so that she would suffer. He cursed Eve so that Eve would recognize that He Himself is the one she needs, and He is the only one who can truly bring out the beautiful Eve she was meant to be.

As fallen Eves, we doubt our beauty. sometimes we question ourselves, “Am i lovely?”, “am i good enough?”. Often we crumble because people fail to give us the assurance we needed, especially our earthly parents. these wounds subtly harden our hearts. I mentioned that when people hurt us through words or actions, we become vulnerable. Let me rephrase that. When people hurt us, we realize our vulnerability to such words or actions upon our hearts. Sometimes, we tell ourselves “i do not want to be hurt again” so we close ourselves up (urge to control? =) ). We hide our true selves to prevent other from hurting us, placing barriers in our hearts thinking that that’s where we’ll be truly safe from hurt again. But this prevents us from truly living our beautiful selves as how God initially intended for us to be.

It is a risk to lay ourselves vulnerable. i struggle too. But God needs us to be vulnerable before Him so that He can protect us. He can show us how much He loves us, how really beautiful we are. But He never forces us, it is a choice on our part to make daily. Pray, dear ones, for God to come and heal wounds that have hurt your feminine heart in the past, renounce any lies that have caused you to placed barriers in your hearts, for God to truly reside in your heart.

Like Esther, we are princess warriors. Fighting not a physical battle, but a spiritual warfare against the evil one who is trying to bring us down. let the evil one not have any foothold in our lives, for Christ has come and defeated him once and for all. amen? lets go girls! =)